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3 Crucial Tips You Need to Understand When Jumpstarting a Business

by Jennifer
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ever wonder why your business isnt taking off?You think you’re doing everything right…

You’re doing everything you’ve been taught…

But the reality is… you’re missing three very important components to building a business that we often overlook and is the culprit to not having the success that you should be having. If you’re here to build a business, here are some critical tips to propel your business into profitability and to make it worth your time.

In this industry, we also have a tendency to love the potential in a person before they’ve done anything. So, we end up wanting and desiring our business more for them than they do for themselves. You may have been invited by someone with this line of thinking. Don’t be fooled. That’s how you build a very unstable business. We want you to be successful and intentional.

1. Invest

“Cash is right up there with oxygen” – this is key to making a decision about your business. HOW do you build a business without investing? I think sometimes we forget that people who are successful in business INVEST. You won’t catch them leaving their money in the bank where it doesn’t grow (even when putting money in an account with interest it is almost always out-paced by inflation). Entrepreneurs will take their income and see where they can invest it to allow their money to grow.

Likewise, if you’re recruiting potential business partners who make excuses about investing, that’s “a clue.” We call it “small thinking” and they are not ready to start a business. Sometimes people will not partner with you because they just don’t get it and that’s okay. You may have to come back around to them several times, sharing your story and your progression, for them to believe in what you’re doing and eventually to trust you. During the process you can’t let feelings get in the way. It’s a sure way to destroy their belief in you and your relationship.

It’s so important to understand the need to stay unemotional and transparent. In our industry when you let your emotion get the best of you it can destroy your business. Owning a business where you are recruiting people daily and maintaining partnerships can literally test you as a leader. Your ability to STAY POSITIVE DURING GOOD TIMES AND BAD and not to allow negativity to rent space in your head is going to be what sets you apart as someone who stays in the game. Imagine, if you can master that one behavior, how it will manifest to your team. This is VERY powerful!!

Let’s face it… if you are investing your hard earned money why would you be non-intentional with it. Why wouldn’t you take it seriously? If you aren’t intentional with your investment or your business you are essentially just throwing money away.

The key takeaway; investing isn’t about the amount but about the purpose. Most folks who invest in business with you don’t want to throw money away. In turn, they have “skin in the game” and will most likely take their business seriously. This can be a great situation for you where you gain a serious runner on your team. Don’t weaken your folks… let them see the potential in themselves. Be real with them. If they can’t invest, don’t be afraid to turn them down for your business opportunity. They have to want it more!!

2. Find YOUR Strengths

Find what you are good at and do the things that excite you, things that keep you moving and wanting more. If you’re not excited about what you do, no amount of personal drive you have or money you make is going to push you to do anything or sustain your motivation. It’s hard to be excited about something you are resistant to. You need to understand that in the beginning of your network marketing career you are in “job mode”, busting your rear to create the momentum you need to move into the “lifestyle mode” where you want to be – where you are living the life. Reaching the top level of your company doesn’t mean you have arrived. This is where it all starts; therefore, your urgency to get to the top is important if you want to get out of that job mentality. That is why you want to move fast. Otherwise, if you stay in the job stage of networking for years, you are right back into the job mentality that you’re fighting to get away from. So, find your passion and strength, be an authority in what you’re good at and RUN!! One important thing about finding your strengths…

BE AUTHENTIC! Stop comparing. Don’t try to be someone else. It’s one thing to duplicate what’s already been done; but, think smart – not hard – and dare to be different. Set yourself apart from everyone else. Let people see you, not the people you follow. I always tell my team in my training to think on this when recruiting, “Why should I join you and what’s in it for me?” What value are you providing, and how are you different? Always work on improving your strengths and talents. Be yourself – an original is worth more than a copy.

3. Make Use of the White Space

Focus your efforts in marketing avenues that people aren’t gravitating to. Everybody else is chasing “the next best thing” in marketing and that area gets saturated, fast. Market yourself where people are not. That’s not to say that if there is one person doing a thing then don’t do it; but, don’t do what EVERYONE is doing. You want to stand out from the noise. If people are not blogging, go blog. If everyone is on Instagram stories, do a YouTube video. Don’t do the latest trend because everyone else is doing it. They are all on the same train doing the same thing to the same people and are missing the boat by not connecting with all the other prospects that haven’t been approached yet. When you work in the areas less cluttered, saturation isn’t an issue. Although there are too many people for you to worry about 100% saturation, any saturation is still considered noise.

don't follow the flockThe latest trends get overused and move marketers away from the tried and true basics, the fundamentals of storytelling. Trying to follow the latest trends can distract you from the basics that have been working; but, because that’s the trip everyone is on it doesn’t mean you have to be on that wave too. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get exposure in new methods or platforms. I do believe in catching and riding the wave and staying relevant but not necessarily copying everyone’s twists and turns. Above all, be authentic and true to yourself because you can’t train on something you have no experience in, ideas that you’re not married to, or things you copied and did not put the thought effort yourself. Be true to who you are in the industry. Always look for like-minded individuals, people who you have something in common with. Stop trying to befriend folks with whom you have no common ground. People who just throw things against the wall and don’t reach people who can identify with them go through so many more no’s. This can lead to discouragement and thoughts of quitting; but, if you find folks with the same interests where you can carry a conversation that can lead to building a long-term relationship, you have a better chance of finding more people. And finding them in the white space can produce a deeper relationship of trust and partnership.

To put it all together, starting a business is no small task. Some key points to keep in mind as you start or even before you start is to realize that you are going to invest – in your business and in yourself – and you have the right and obligation to tell people who you are qualifying for your business that they will have to do the same. Find out what you’re good at and what excites you in your business and do it. Be the best at it, whatever it is. Lastly, get your message out in an authentic way in areas that aren’t already being flooded by all the other marketers out there. You’ll find good people that others are ignoring.

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Cathy Saengsavanh May 23, 2022 - 3:34 pm

Love this. Thank you for this information and the service you provide.

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