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Growing Your Business through the Holidays

by Jennifer
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consistency during the holidaysThis is the time of year in network marketing that many people put their business to rest. They want to wind down, spend time with family and friends, doing shopping and having events; also believing that their prospects and customers will be doing the same. Here are five reasons why you should keep your business going during the holidays.

You Own a Business

Look around you. Consumer spending is the highest during the Christmas season. Businesses advertise the most during this time and for many of them it is their biggest profit and sales month of the year. Your company is no different. Are you involved in a hobby or a business? Do you want to capitalize on the market? People are looking to purchase for themselves and as gifts for their loved ones. The majority of people are thinking about how they are going to improve themselves next year. They want to set up themselves or someone they love to be better next year, whether it is through health, taking advantage of opportunities to enjoy their time like vacations, improving the way they live and their home environment, or impacting their motivation and thinking. These are just a few examples, but, undoubtedly, the company you’re connected to has a product or service for consumers. They’re buying products from the mall to make themselves feel better, so why not buy from you?

Build Your Base

Most companies offer an extra incentive to purchase their product or service at this time of year. It’s a mad dash to increase their fourth quarter sales and finish the year strong; so it should be the same with you. Many network marketing companies offer a subscription-based or monthly product to their consumers. This is how you earn a residual income. If you make it more desirable for people to buy your product now, you can retain them and boost your sales volume (and your team’s) over a long period of time. This generates a higher monthly check and a more reliable income.

promote your business during the holidays

Don’t Let Your Funnel Run Dry

You spend all year prospecting; filling your funnel every day for results to come through following up. Follow up is key, but you can’t follow up if there’s no one to call. So what happens when you stop prospecting? Your funnel begins to empty and you have gaps in your follow up schedule. Let’s face it, people don’t usually sign up for your product or opportunity on the first encounter. Keeping your schedule full of new people to talk to will keep the wheels moving consistently when the holidays are over and everyone is ‘back to work.’ You want to be ready when people realize that they need to pay those credit cards they maxed out for Christmas.

Consistent Follow Up

Just like keeping your funnel full, you also need to keep your follow up schedule full. Think about the companies whose websites you visit or when you sign up for their email list. They send even more updates and notifications this time of year. They know that this is the time people are spending more and they are competing for the spending dollars with more opportunities, more sales, more products and events. You need to keep your business in your prospects’ minds with consistent follow-up. Even if they aren’t signing up with you or buying from you yet, you don’t want them to forget about you.

What You Do Now Starts Your New Year

Resolutions — they are a big motivating factor for people. The problem is, when you think about it on December 31st or January 1st you’re already behind on the new year. If you wait to fill your funnel and to follow up, you are shooting yourself in the foot for the first month or two of the year as you need time to collect names, drip on them, follow up and create exposures. By then, people already have a goal they are working on and by January 1st or 2nd they’ve found a tool, product, or business that they want to concentrate on for the goal they made before you even thought to contact them. At that point, you’re just targeting people who haven’t thought about a goal. Are those your prime prospects? I know I prefer talking to people who have a goal and a direction; all I’m doing is providing a tool to help them reach what they already desire. So, I want to catch the people who are going to be motivated to changing their future. They’ve already had it in mind and the thought of being stuck where they were has already been biting at them as they think about ending this year and moving on. You want to be the opportunity with the timing that is ready to go. One of my mentors says that they start their New Year’s resolution on Thanksgiving. They plan for it and set up their daily disciplines, practicing what they want to achieve so that when January 1st comes they are already positioned to be effective in their new goal. It’s not the time to wind down; it’s time to RAMP UP!!

maintain consistent effort in network marketing

There is a saying that in network marketing taking a day off is like a week, a week is like a month, and taking off a month sets your business back an entire season. Keep your momentum and drive by staying IN BUSINESS all 12 months of the year, and you won’t let that boulder roll back to the bottom of the hill only for you to have to start all over again. By all means, enjoy time with your family and friends, events, meals, and gatherings; this is a time to celebrate! By keeping your business moving as you finish this year you’ll also be celebrating next year instead of regretting what you didn’t do.

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Joyce B Peace December 11, 2018 - 12:18 am

This is amazing today, I made a list of names to follow up. Then part of today’s article is explaining the significance of Consistent Follow-up. I like the part where you spoke about keeping our business in the prospects mind. Thanks!

Johnie Little December 11, 2018 - 3:13 am

This is a great reminder to not totally relax and forget about your business during the holidays, but to continually be consistent by following up with prospects. Thanks for the inspiration.

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