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Overcoming Objections and Building Trust

by Jennifer
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overcoming objections means building trust
Have you ever noticed that the people whom you’ve come into contact with everyday and whom you have educated on your network marketing opportunity procrastinate or put you off or tell you “NO”? You’ve given them every possible piece of information that you can think of; so, why wouldn’t they say “YES,” right? Normally it’s not because they aren’t interested, it’s just that you didn’t leave them with enough information or haven’t educated them enough to their satisfaction to give you a “YES.”

I’ve found that their objections can easily be remedied with the right answer to overcome them. Don’t let objections scare you. See them as a request for help to see things in a new light. Learn how to EDUCATE people rather than using convincing language, making up a story to satisfy or simply coming off as ‘salesy.’ By educating your prospects, they can get excited and you’ll be able to break down the barrier holding them back from absolutely joining you. Trust is a huge factor and is key. If they don’t trust you they will never join. A formula that fits all objections is to listen completely, validate the person, educate, share stories, and ask the right questions. This is often called the ‘Feel, Felt, Found’ approach. Your wording may vary slightly but it goes like this: (After hearing their objection out) “I know how you Feel. I Felt that way, too (validation). Here’s what I Found… (Educate, tell about something that solves their objection). And here’s what happened to… (name a person, even yourself, and share a testimonial — social proof).” Tell a story about the objection and finish with “If I can show you how to (solve their objection) would you like to hear a little bit about it?” Then you can explain or present your opportunity. When you’re done ask these questions:

  • “What did you like best about what you saw?”
  • “Do you see an opportunity for yourself here?”
  • “Is there anything else you need to know before we get you started?”

I can promise you that most people will have questions and you may have to educate them or ask some more qualifying questions to overcome their objections.

Unfortunately, we’re not taught in schools about network marketing, just the basics of business and no valuable information for that matter to overcome objections. What I like to do is, after they have watched the presentation, I handle many of the prospect’s objections that they might be thinking about ahead of time. With some prospects, this might be all you need to do and they’ll get started with you right on the spot. So be sure to go in for the close and never ask a question like, “Are you ready to start with me today?” It’s easy for them to say “NO”. Instead, lead them into saying yes by assuming the close, like “It sounds like you’re ready to get started” or as above, “Is there anything else you need to know before we get you started?”

The truth is that your prospect signing on the spot is not always the case. Sometimes you might get objections that you will need to overcome to build that trust. This can happen in one sitting or maybe you may have to drip on your prospect several times before they will sign with you. That’s okay. Just be consistent on your follow up and always set that next date with them until you close them and sign them up.

If you sense any hesitation once you ask the closing question, simply say, “I sense a little hesitation, maybe I haven’t answered your questions thoroughly to give you a reason to join. What concerns do you still have?” All the while, as you continue to overcome their objections, you will go back to the same question… “Is there anything else you need to know before we get you started?”

You will go back and forth with this until they get to a point where you’ve answered all their questions and objections so that they could feel good saying “YES” and they will be ready to say “OK, let’s do this.” Or, we’ll have answered so many questions that if they needed to go home and think about it, we’ve left them with an impression that it would be hard to find a reason to talk themselves out of it. Asking many questions and overcoming objections with the right answers will get them realizing that they may have something here after all, making it very difficult to say “NO” to you. Many folks think knowledge is the key to your business and really your company videos can give all the components of that. What a prospect is really asking is “What’s in it for me, and why should I join YOU?” So, when you can overcome their objections, educate folks and become an authority in what you do, you will feel good knowing that getting a “YES” every time is easier than you think.

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Joyce B Peace December 3, 2018 - 7:53 pm

Jennifer, this is right on time. I have been talking with a young lady for about 6 months on and off. In our conversations, I receive: maybe, yes, no! She refuses to look at the videos, because of lack of time. So today, I sent her the SuperSimpleBiz.com, when she looks at it, I am going to send her these 3 questions you posted in this article. Thanks!

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