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You Need to Change to Grow

by Jennifer
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So, you’ve got your home business all set up. You know the product and have a good idea how you’re going to market it. You’ve learned your compensation plan and how best to explain it to a prospective business partner. You have awesome new business cards that you’ve painstakingly designed to have that ‘wow’ factor. Everything is ready to go to make it big. Then, the unthinkable happens…

The company you signed up with decides to change the compensation plan and launch a new product.

WHAT!?!?! How could they do that?! “What am I going to do now!?!”

Here’s the fact of the matter. Change is going to happen sooner or later; even if it’s announced well in advance (which it never really is, because once a company sees that they need to change it’s because they needed the change yesterday) it’s still a shock and there is still much adjusting that you need to do.

Change is Good and Here’s Why

don't stress about things you cannot controlChange is needed in our industry in order to grow. If you (or your company) don’t change, you become stale and irrelevant. Your customers and your prospects are looking for new and innovative products and opportunities. It’s the “what separates you from all the rest” factor. If you’re part of a successful company, other companies want to emulate what you do in order to emulate your success. It’s the mark of a good company to have others try to copy them. Once your competitors have imitated you, how are you any better than them? How are you going to attract people to your opportunity (or product or service) instead of theirs? You have to innovate!

Change is Uncomfortable

Humans, by nature, are creatures of habit. We like things that we can repeat. It helps us move faster when those movements are automatic and gives us a great sense of comfort when we can do things without even thinking about it. Practicing your product presentation. Rehearsing your opportunity pitch. These are the kinds of things that we fumble with the first few dozen times, then when we’ve been doing it long enough we could sell in our sleep. Not to mention all the time – and money – spent on those beautiful business cards, flyers, DVDs, etc. Change can really throw you off your game; however, it’s only when you’re uncomfortable that you can grow. How you handle that change and adapt to it is an indicator of how successful you will be.

You Have Two Choices

You can whine about how you really liked the old way of doing things, the old product lineup, everything that you had practiced and prepared for. Many people do that. What ends up happening is that they never find new people to talk to, or worse yet, they drive away the people they were talking to. Their business goes nowhere, they grow stale and bitter. They never recover their investment in their business and wonder how everyone else is having success and what special thing they did or trait they possessed to make money on this new plan, new product, new opportunity.
– OR –
You can reset yourself. Forget about what was and look for the benefits in what’s coming – the new product, the new compensation – and RUN WITH IT. Put forth the same effort into the new as you did with the old. You have an opportunity to be one of the first out of the gates. It is those people who see the greatest reward. As the saying goes “Some people make things happen, some watch what happens, and others wonder what happened.” Do you want to watch others or be the one who is making things happen?

change enables growthCompanies have to change and innovate. We can’t control how or when. All we can do is accept that the change is happening and embrace it with excitement. The more excited you are about change, the more people will see that in you and they will gravitate toward you. At the end of the day you joined a company; not a product, service, or comp plan. If the core of that company is still intact, for the reasons you joined (integrity, values, leadership) then you owe it to yourself, your team, and your customers to see it through. In network marketing it’s not even about the company or product; what you’re really selling is YOU! If you have enthusiasm and confidence, it really doesn’t matter what the company changes, people are looking to work with you. People will follow you because you’re consistent in the face of change. Change is good!

If you haven’t already, check out my blog 10 Reasons to Plug in to Personal Development which outlines why you need to invest in personal growth. It has several tips to help you overcome the stigma of being stuck with old ways and habits.

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Joyce Peace April 23, 2019 - 9:55 am

Jennifer, it sounds like you read my mail. When I leave my comfort zone, I advance.

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