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Earn a 6-Figure Income Per Month Through Strategic Exponential Growth

by Jennifer
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Discover the Secrets Behind the Numbers

Jennifer Welch 6 figure income

Everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth, but very few seize the moment. They work hard, not smart. It’s not their fault, though; we’re conditioned that way from childhood. To work hard, deny oneself. We’re told ‘no’ we can’t have (just about anything). People think that there is a mysterious secret about how to earn a six-figure income; but it really is just a tried and tested simple mathematical system that, when followed, there is no mistaking the results. I’m about to show you how you can work smartly, leverage your contacts, and acquire wealth.

People think that it takes a mass number of personal recruiting and sales in network marketing in order to make life-changing income. Your exact results will vary based on your compensation plan. Let’s assume that you have five personal customers for your product or service and that you partner up with four like-minded individuals into your business who do the same – enroll five personal customers and find four like-minded people to join them. Within a few levels you could earn up to seven figures per month! How could that be possible? Through the Power of Duplication!

This commission chart below is for illustrative purposes only but is based on the compensation plan for the company I’m associated with so that you know that these are real numbers. These numbers do not include added ranking bonuses, or infinity level bonuses; nor does it include commissions on extra products purchased by customers and business partners in your organization. This is obviously a hypothetical example in a perfect world. Well, even at that, if you were only 10% as successful as this example this would still give you more than a six-figure income of over $98,000 per month…that’s $1,176,000 per year in residual income. It doesn’t take you putting massive numbers yourself. It’s all about finding STRONG like-minded people and duplicating it! The most important part – I cannot stress it enough – is that after you have your five customers and four business partners you need to turn to your team and help them with their contacts. In order to fulfill the example below, it is your responsibility to follow through with your team down each level to help them and encourage them to acquire their five customers and four business partners. This part of the process is what will generate for you life-changing income.

Let’s break down the numbers to see what it takes to earn a six-figure income. Even if you only go as far as four levels, you can earn what many people make at a full-time job. The only question is, how quickly do you want to get that done?

LevelNumber of ConsultantsNumber of CustomersPercent CommissionMonthly Commission
Exponential growth by the power of duplication based on 4 business partners and 5 customers.

All it takes is bringing on four business partners and helping five customers. That is it! This chart represents what you would earn monthly on customers only throughout your organization. Imagine if you add in the pay of all those consultants, too…Unlimited Potential! This is how network marketing gives everyone the opportunity to earn a six-figure income and lifestyle for themselves. It’s not about enrolling mass numbers of people. It’s about connecting with a handful of people, who are in turn connected to a handful of people, and so on.

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